Stroft - Leader spools system

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Sorted, labelled and a blade to cut – the Stroft Leader spool system cleans up the tippet mess! You can organise up to 5 tippet spools and attach the hole system to your vest or bag via snap-spring.
The new version has been improved in many ways: a foam anti slip mechanism prevents the tippet from unwanted spooling into the cutter-ring. In addition to that the yellow ring is replaced by a spring attached to the cutter ring. Thanks to positioning cones you now can position keep the spools organized in a fixed position. 

Set of 3

(Your saving when compared to an individual purchase is 3,00 €) The set of 3 consists of:

  • 3 cutter rings
  • 1 spool holder for
  • 3 spools 
  • 1 short-strap
  • 15 adhesive labels 
  • 1 fitting manual

Set of 5

(Your saving when compared to an individual purchase is 4,80 €) The set of 5 consists of:

  • 1. 5 cutter rings 
  • 1 spool holder for 5 spools.
  • 1 short-strap 
  • 25 adhesive labels
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